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The Band:

The Beat Bulls band from Hungary with 5 members performs on many venues in the last 5 years with great success.
We would take a gig with pleasure in your county anywhere in Europe!
The performance will be great and the satisfaction is guaranteed!
Show ordering: +36 20 / 9421 - 974

Our band has more professional shows:

1. ELVIS SHOW where we play the best songs from the great Elvis Presley with authentic instruments and clothes. (50 minutes)

2. BEATLES SHOW where we play the best songs from the four lads with original instruments and clothes. (50 minutes)

3. ROCK & ROLL SHOW in this venue we are playing the best songs from the '50's as '60's like Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Bill Halley and the evergreens. (2x50 minutes)

4. HUNGARIAN RETRO PARTY where we play the local evergreen songs with authentic instruments. (2x50 minutes)

If you order the band for a venue, you can choose any of the above mentioned shows or all of them.


Krisztian Nagy
bass guitar, vocal

Fender Precision Bass
Höfner Violin Bass
Fender Bassmann '59 LTD
Ampeg SVT-CL valve amp head
Ampeg SVT410HLF bass
Shure Beta 58A mic

Viktor Nagy
guitar, piano, double bass and bass guitar, vocal

Rickenbacker 325
Rickenbacker 355JL
Vox AC30/6TB
Roland RD-700NX
Shure Beta 58A mic

Robert Nagy
guitar, vocal

Gretsch Country Gentleman 6122
Gibson ES-295 Scotty Moore Signature
Fender Twinolux EC
BOSS SD-1W Wazza Craft
Shure Beta 58A mic

Laszlo Fuzes (Winston)
Ádám Koczor (Poci)

Pearl Thunder King drums
Zildjian K-Custom cymbals
Shure Beta drum mic set


Shure Beta87A

Our Professional PA system:
1 pcs Dynacord Powermate 2 1600 16 channel mixing-amplifier
1 pcs Dynacord Powermate 3 1000 10 channel mixing-amplifier
2 pcs JBL VRX918SP 1000 Watt VRX series active sub
4 pcs JBL SRX712M 800 Watt passive top
3 pcs RCF ART710A 700 Watt active monitor
1 pcs Shure Beta 58A wireless mic set
1 pcs Shure 55SH Beta 58 vocal mic
3 pcs Shure Beta 58A vocal mic
1 pcs Shure Beta 87A condenser vocal mic
1 pcs Shure SM 58 vocal mic
1 pcs Shure Beta drum mic set
2 pcs Shure Beta 57A instrument mic
1 pcs Shure SM 57 instrument mic
2 pcs Rode M3 instrument mic
2 pcs LED lighting system with 8 fixtures